Emerging Leader Program Spotlight: Industry Networking in Kansas City

Throughout the year, CIRB will spotlight activities from the 2018-19 Emerging Leaders Program and share takeaways from program participants.
Emerging Leader Program Spotlight: Industry Networking in Kansas City
On January 6th and 7th, members of the Emerging Leaders Program gathered in Kansas City for a full program of industry networking and hands-on career development training. The class reflected on the multifaceted experience:

“I appreciated our time meeting with the NCIS leadership group,” said Ryan Kramer of Farmers Mutual Hail. “I have worked with their staff for years, but did not know the full breadth of their organization’s responsibilities.” Bryce Benson of American Farm Bureau Insurance Services said “NCIS is a vital part of the crop insurance world. Their crop research helps ensure we are using the correct methods for appraisal and serve as the go between for RMA and the AIPs.”

“The StrengthsFinder exercise was truly valuable. It helped me better understand how to work with others based off of their strengths. I personally took away an action item to perform this task with my team,” shared Amy Zeik of Rural Community Insurance Services. COUNTRY Financial’s Patrick Cole said, “Not only did I learn more about my personal strengths, but I learned ways to maximize them and grow myself as a leader in the industry.”
“Meeting with representatives from the Kansas Farm Bureau provided us a great opportunity to hear directly from an agent and producer how the federal crop insurance program affects the management of their farming operations,” added Kramer. “The conversations reinforced how important it is to promote the strength of the program.”
The next event for the Emerging Leaders Program will be a networking event at the CIRB Annual Meeting in San Diego, California. They will have the opportunity to meet other program alumni and members of the CIRB Executive Committee Board.
The Emerging Leaders Program is designed to equip up-and-coming professionals on key policy issues and prepare them to be effective advocates for the crop insurance industry. All participants are employees of CIRB’s growing membership, which includes both crop insurance and reinsurance companies.