Crop Insurance Coalition Urges Lawmakers and Administration to Oppose Harmful Cuts to Crop Insurance

WASHINGTON, DC (January 28, 2022) – Fifty-five partners of the Crop Insurance Coalition, representing farmers, lenders, agricultural input providers, and conservation groups sent letters to key lawmakers and the Administration opposing cuts to crop insurance during the upcoming fiscal year 2023 budget process.



“It is no accident that the most recent farm bills emphasized risk management, and in doing so, protected the interests of American taxpayers.  Farmers spend as much as $4 billion per year of their own money to purchase insurance from the private sector.  On average, farmers also must incur losses of almost 30 percent before their insurance coverage pays an indemnity.  Crop insurance allows producers to customize their policies to their individual farm and financial needs and policies are based on fundamental market principles, which means higher risk areas and higher value crops pay higher premiums for insurance. Crop insurance and its links to conservation further ensure that the program is a good investment for taxpayers,” the letter explains.


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