Benefits of Membership

CIRB Membership Video from CIRB on Vimeo.

Whether in proposed farm bill changes, rerating issues or serious federal budget cuts, crop insurance companies and those that reinsure them face significant challenges in the current political and economic environment. The Crop Insurance and Reinsurance Bureau (CIRB), founded in 1964 and headquartered on Capitol Hill, is an international membership organization that provides advocacy, support and services for its member companies. Driven by a member-elected Board of Directors and led by an experienced, knowledgeable and respected staff, CIRB offers top-notch value and services to its members.

  • Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy
    CIRB provides crucial outreach to legislative and executive representatives, administration, staff, and federal regulators in support of membership-driven issues.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Technical Expertise
    CIRB provides technical expertise on political, legislative and regulatory processes, rule making and other actions impacting crop insurance and related agricultural issues. CIRB serves as expert advisors on strategies and tactics in support of membership interests.
  • Legislative and Regulatory Monitoring
    CIRB engages in proactive review and monitoring of legislative and regulatory activities including hearings, proposals and other actions impacting the crop insurance industry.
  • Information and Knowledge Collection and Distribution
    CIRB conducts ongoing research and information gathering from various sources regarding federal crop insurance program and related activities including program modifications and funding. CIRB delivers timely information, insight and action items affecting the membership and their interests in crop insurance and related agricultural issues.
  • Networking and Peer Engagement
    CIRB organizes and conducts membership meetings to share ideas, develop strategies and facilitate membership interaction on industry issues.
  • Issue Development and Positioning
    CIRB promotes collaboration and consensus among membership and other groups with aligned interests on industry issues important to the crop insurance industry. CIRB provides leadership and creates understanding of key industry issues through collaborative
  • Public Communications
    CIRB develops and executes communication strategies that inform and influence key audiences on crop insurance issues of strategic importance to the membership.